20+ Handle Options

DesignerHardware.com offers Faucets and Accessories in over 20+ trending handle options including Metal Lever, Metal Cross Handles, Porcelain Lever Handles, Porcelain Cross Handles, Crystal Lever Handles, Crystal Knob Handles, Blade Handle, Acrylic Handles and so much more.  Select a handle style below, from a popular category, to explore more options.

Kitchen Faucets

Metal Lever Kitchen Faucets
Metal Cross Kitchen Faucets
Metal Loop Kitchen Faucets
Porcelain Lever Kitchen Faucets
Porcelain Cross Kitchen Faucets
Metal Wrist Blade Kitchen Faucets
Crystal Lever Kitchen Faucets
Metal Canopy Kitchen Faucets
Acrylic Knob Kitchen Faucets

Bathroom Faucets

Metal Lever Bathroom Faucets
Metal Cross Bathroom Faucets
Metal Loop Bathroom Faucets
Porcelain Lever Bathroom Faucets
Porcelain Cross Bathroom Faucets
Metal Wrist Blade Bathroom Faucets
Crystal Lever Bathroom Faucets
Crystal Knob Bathroom Faucets
Metal Canopy Shower Faucets
Acrylic Knob Bathroom Faucets

Shower Faucets

Metal Lever ShowerFaucets
Metal Cross Shower Faucets
Metal Loop Shower Faucets
Porcelain Lever Shower Faucets
Porcelain Cross Shower Faucets
Metal Canopy Kitchen Faucets
Crystal Knob Shower Faucets
Acrylic Knob Shower Faucets

Tub Faucets

Metal Lever Tub Faucets
Metal Cross Tub Faucets
Metal Loop Tub Faucets
Porcelain Lever Tub Faucets
Porcelain Cross Tub Faucets
Metal Canopy Tub Faucets
Crystal Lever Tub Faucets
Crystal Knob Tub Faucets
Acrylic Knob Tub Faucets

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